Benefits to developers with qualified projects can include:

• Issuance of Industrial Development Revenue Bonds – tax exempt
• Exemptions from sales taxes on new construction and equipment
• Exemptions from Mortgage Tax
• PILOTS (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) – Tax abatements on new construction/improvements with local Town, Village, School and County Property Taxes

The Counties of Warren and Washington Industrial Development Agency is a public benefit corporation organized under the laws of the State of New York.
The purposes of the agency are to promote, develop, encourage and assist local facilities in an effort to advance the job opportunities, health, general prosperity and economic welfare of the Warren and Washington Counties. In doing so we have improved recreational opportunities, prosperity and the standard of living in our community.


We are a public benefit corporation organized under the laws of NY State. Our purpose is to promote, develop and assist with constructing, improving, equipping and furnishing industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, commercial, research and recreational facilities in Warren and Washington Counties.


Annual Project and Agency reporting to the NYS Authority Budget  Office is performed as required via its PARIS software
• Documentation to the NYS Dept of Taxation and Finance as required

Continued monitoring of project information particularly   employment on an annual basis
Compliance as directed by NYS on website information and   documents for public access
Compliance as directed under the Public Authority Laws of NYS
Annual audit performed by outside firm.

The attainment of our objectives positively impact the local community for years to come. Both temporary and permanent jobs are created, the tax base is maintained or increased, the economic potential of the two counties is further developed, and additional dollars are injected into the local economy.

The Warren and Washington Industrial Development Agency is the only 2-county IDA in the state of New York. With 5 members from both Warren and Washington Counties, the IDA offers a diverse array of perspectives that are unmatched in many IDA’s. This cross-county development has provided countless benefits to the local communities that comprise Warren and Washington Counties.