Promoting Local Investment

for Community Growth & Prosperity

Our PILOT projects have supported $580+ Million in Local Business Investment


The Warren-Washington IDA

provides incentive-based assistance programs to encourage and help businesses start, expand, or move into our region – creating jobs for local people and driving economic activity in local communities. We also own and manage two industrial parks with parcels of varying sizes available to businesses for sale or lease.

Let us help you get your business going and growing.

Programs and Properties
to Help Your Business Grow


Payment In Lieu Of Taxes Agreements

  • For new construction projects.
  • Encourages and incentivizes businesses to start, expand or move into our region.
  • Property tax exemptions for new construction projects

Sales Tax Exemptions for Building Projects

  • Sales tax exemption for purchases made in conjunction with building construction.

Mortgage Tax Recording Exemptions

  • Exemptions from NYS 1.25% mortgage tax.

Tax-Exempt Bonds

  • Tax-exempt financing through the issuance of industrial revenue bonds for qualified businesses.

Unsure if your business qualifies for our incentive programs?


Helping Businesses Grow Helps Our Regional Community Thrive

By helping business grow and prosper in Warren and Washington counties, the IDA helps local people and communities thrive. Successful businesses provide jobs for local people, generate tax revenue for local communities.


People who are starting new businesses, and existing businesses seeking to expand and grow, sometimes need help with their initial investments to make their project financially viable for the long term. Our programs do just that and can also help incentivize businesses to locate in our region.


We can help businesses start, relocate, and grow by providing temporary property tax relief on new construction, as well as mortgage and sales tax exemptions, based on the long-term economic benefits they will bring to our communities.

Our region benefits not only in the long-term, but also while these incentives are in place

Success Stories

At of the beginning of 2024, the IDA/CDC has

23 Active PILOT Projects

  • Supported more than $149 million in local business investment.
  • Created more than 630 local jobs a variety of business sectors.

Structured a Special PILOT

  • For Construction of a Significant Renewable Energy Transmission Project Through Washington County.
  • Will provide $431 million in direct construction investment.
  • $269 million in revenue to local municipalities and school districts over 30 years.

5 Bond Projects

  • Total principal of $56 million to Support assisted living, college residential, health care, and resort/tourism.
  • Will provide $431 million in direct construction investment.
  • Created more than 220 local jobs.

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