Bucks County Biscotti

Bucks County Biscotti relocated from Pennsylvania to construct a 5,000 square foot bakery in the WWIDA Airport Industrial Park in Kingsbury. They produce ten flavors of their signature Italian dipping cookie and distribute to coffee shops and specialty food stores across the country. They also offer online shipping nationwide with a variety of customizable biscotti gift boxes. The total project cost was estimated at $1,021,000, and the WWIDA provided a sales tax exemption of up to $63,000, a mortgage tax exemption of $11,437.00, and a partial real property tax abatement through a PILOT Agreement at an estimated value of $119,245.00 during the 10-year term to help facilitate this project. Construction began in 2022, and they reported 26 construction jobs.

$431 Million

In direct construction investment over three years.

$269 Million

In revenue to local municipalities and school districts over 30 years.


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Bucks County Biscotti 09 06 2023

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