Glens Falls Brewing Company, LLC.

Tribals, LLC. (Glens Falls Brewing Company, LLC.) developed a craft brewery system in Glens Falls to replace their product production in Portland, Maine. The construction and equipping of an existing 22,000 square foot commercial facility in Queensbury plus an 1,800 square foot addition includes the brewery, kegging and packaging operation as well as a tour experience, tasting room, and company store.

The total project cost was estimated at $3,959,000, and the WWIDA provided sales tax exemption of up to $97,500, mortgage tax exemption of $41,526.35, and a partial real property tax abatement through a PILOT Agreement at an estimated value of $455,284 during the 10-year term to help facilitate this expansion.

As this was a new business to the area, employee count started at zero and reported 8 full-time jobs and 5 part-time jobs in 2022.

$431 Million

In direct construction investment over three years.

$269 Million

In revenue to local municipalities and school districts over 30 years.


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